Sep 29, 2017 2:19:11 PM

by John Orange

Winter Temperature Mapping- Do I Need It?

Protect your products with winter temperature mapping.

Temperature and humidity in your facility are changing as your HVAC system deals with the outside weather, and that can affect the operation of warehouses and other controlled storage areas that hold your products. There are multiple sources of environmental change that could affect the conditions surrounding them:

  • Draft from loading docks
  • Thermal conduction from external walls
  • Solar heating from windows
  • Air circulation from HVAC systems
  • Localized effects of space heaters and air conditioners.
  • The change in the building heating/cooling system as the seasons change.

You may need more environmental heat during winter, so your facility heating system will be pushing more heated air through your facility, potentially changing the dynamics of your warehouses and other controlled storage areas.

Your successful operation requires your warehouses and controlled storage areas to be validated to the correct temperature and humidity for your products; but the areas surrounding your buildings may experience changes in temperature and humidity, causing your warehouses and storage areas to run differently. With the seasons changing it is critical to keep your warehouses and storage areas validated once in the summer months and once during the winter months to ensure your controlled storage area conditions are not affected by outside forces. By performing winter temperature mapping, you are able to make necessary changes to the operations of your warehouses and storage areas before sensitive materials are lost or damaged due to those external conditions.

Checking your warehouses or other controlled storage areas to see how the changing temperature and humidity levels are affecting these areas will help you to reduce cost and improve efficiency. You can verify that these areas meet the controlled storage parameters you need instead of learning when it’s too late, saving you time and money, and perhaps preventing an irreplaceable loss that could leave your operations at a standstill.

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