Nov 10, 2016 2:30:00 PM

by John Orange

Use Thermal Dampeners to Prevent Nuisance Chamber Excursions

A common issue with ongoing chamber monitoring is when your environmental monitoring system generates a "nuisance" alarm for a temperature excursion, simply due to opening the doors on refrigerators and freezers. How do you reduce the frequency of nuisance alarms without compromising your ability to monitor for a meaningful excursion?

One solution for reducing temporary alarms is to dampen the thermocouple or sensor with a barrier that will hold the true chamber temperature over time, but not change temperature quickly enough to create a momentary excursion. After testing and evaluating several options at 5° and -20°C, we found a paraffin-filled vial to be the best solution. The paraffin quickly acclimatizes to the chamber temperature, providing accurate readings over time, but provides just enough of a buffer so that the sensor won't trigger an alarm during a momentary door opening, and will not prevent a true excursion from causing an alarm. 

Our paraffin barriers can accept up to two probes or thermocouples each, and can be mounted in any direction necessary to accommodate your monitoring probes.

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