Aug 8, 2017 6:27:00 AM

by Gary Best

How Do You Save Temperature Calibration Time?

You can reduce calibration times without sacrificing quality. Here's how...

Temperature calibration can be a tricky process. You need to know:

  • How to measure temperature?
  • How accurate is your measurement?
  • What temperature range is required?
  • What type of device is best for your situation?
  • Does your instrument require certification?

With all of these questions needing to be answered you want a device that is simple yet has a robust array of features to help move your calibration along in a timely manner without sacrificing accuracy, quality, and reliability.

When deciding on temperature calibration equipment, accuracy should be at the top of your list. Inaccurate readings lead to mistakes potentially costing you money. Mistakes also lead to downtime, excessive energy costs, high product defect rates and more.  To reduce mistakes the reference thermometer you use needs to keep the uncertainty of the calibration standards to a low percentage of the accuracy of your temperature equipment. Determining the accuracy of your instruments keeps your business and projects moving forward.

Quality is another factor that is vital to effective temperature calibration. Performing maintenance on your measurement equipment helps keep quality assurance which will help in your calibration process as a whole. Calibrating the instruments is a necessary part of ensuring readings from the instrument are consistent with other measurements and again, keeping your projects and processes on track.

Temperature calibration with IRTDsTo help ensure accuracy, quality, and reliability choosing the right reference thermometer can eliminate mistakes but keep accuracy, quality, and reliability in check.  Reference devices that have multiple functions (can calibrate and log on multiple channels for multiple devices) helps you do twice the work in half the time, saving you precious time in the field calibrating temperature equipment.

The Fluke 1524 reference thermometer helps save time with its compact size, giving you the ability to take it anywhere your temperature equipment need calibrating. PRTs, thermocouples or thermistors work with this battery powered, multi-channel, handheld reference thermometer providing you with ease of use and reliability in almost any environment. The Fluke 1524 ensures readings of an instrument are consistent with other measurements, determines the accuracy of the instrument readings, and establishes reliability of the instrument being calibrated.

Masy BioServices offers the sale, calibration and rental of Fluke 1524 units and the sale and calibration of Fluke PRTs.

Fluke 1524 Reference Thermometer