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The Supply Chain Impact on Validation Equipment

The validation of controlled temperature units (CTUs) is a critical step in the manufacture of a wide range of products for a variety of industries, such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agriculture, food processing and more. In addition to temperature, validation may include humidity, C02%, pressure and other specific parameters.

Validation ensures the equipment is performing as designed and will produce the expected results. The frequency of this process varies; it can be performed on a seasonal basis, annually, at a frequency that the owner prefers; or as required by a government agency. Validation services are often outsourced to providers who have the equipment and experience, as well as the appropriate credentials, to perform the validation of the CTUs. However, some organizations, due to the frequency with which they test or the number of CTUs to be tested, prefer to purchase the equipment and do the work themselves.

Recent global supply chain issues have severely impacted the manufacture of a wide range of goods. Delays have left huge amounts of inventory stranded at sea putting numerous projects and production schedules at risk. What’s more, some equipment manufacturers are facing significant wait times for parts.

Today, the supply remains volatile and unpredictable. One way to avoid the risk of new equipment shipment delays is to rent your equipment from a respected vendor with a substantial inventory of equipment. Masy BioServices rents and sells a wide range of validation equipment and has been doing so for nearly 40 years. We have a dedicated team of specialists with the experience to match the equipment to your needs. Our exceptional inventory of equipment includes validators and dry-block temperature baths from Kaye, dry-baths and meters from Fluke, sensors from Rotronic and Vaisala and DataTrace wireless dataloggers from Mesa.

All equipment is calibrated and ready to ship. If purchasing new equipment is a better option for your organization, rental options from Masy is a great strategy to maintain progress on validation projects and bridge the gap until equipment is set up in-house. In addition, renting calibrated equipment places the responsibility of storing, maintaining, and calibrating the equipment on the provider. Masy is accredited by NVLAP to ISO 17205. This certification can be critical when working with cGMP applications where government requirements, such as 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, apply.

Rentals are also a cost-effective and flexible solution for emergencies and if the equipment is out for calibration or repair. There’s no obligation to consult with one of our product specialists, for immediate attention call 978-433-6279. Click Here to browse our full line of inventory.