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Masy's Metrology Team Implements GAMP5 Validated Calibration Management System

At the heart of Masy’s drive to provide an excellent customer experience is our commitment to continuous improvement. The software we use is integral to the quality of our services. As such, it is important that we seek out software solutions that are complete, efficient, and secure so that our customers have confidence in the services we provide. A recent example of our efforts is the transition within the Metrology department to Fluke MET/TEAM, a GAMP5 validated system designed for calibration management.

From client-based Metrology and Validation services to state-of-the-art biostorage facilities, calibration is at the core of all aspects of Masy’s services, and efficiently managing calibrations is essential to maintaining compliance and data accuracy. Fluke MET/TEAM provides a powerful, flexible, and secure calibration management software solution for managing all equipment handled by the Metrology department. Since implementing MET/TEAM, Masy has enjoyed these key features:

  • Manage all aspects of calibration operations
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory standards (ISO 17025:2017, ISO 9001)
  • Schedule and track facility maintenance events
  • Create, track, and close Work Orders
  • Track assets as they move through the Metrology lab
  • Perform calibrations in-house or at customer sites
  • Create and print calibration certificates
  • Create data templates and store calibration procedures
  • Automatically calibrate assets using MET/CAL
  • Compliant to FDA 21 CFR Part 11, cGMP, and more

In summer 2022 we completed GAMP5 validation on our MET/TEAM database, so our customers can rely on our Metrology department to deliver efficient and accurate calibration services. What’s more is MET/TEAM is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, so customers can be assured that their data is safe and secure.

At Masy, we understand collaboration with our customers is key, and Masy customers can utilize a secure customer portal that is simple and easy to use. The web portal gives customers visibility to check equipment statuses, print calibration certificates, access equipment history, and more.

Masy BioServices brings nearly 40 years of expertise and over 20 years of metrology experience to our customers. Whether you are a small lab or large CDMO we can help manage calibrations either in-house or employ our team of field technicians to assist with any on-site calibration needs. With MET/TEAM, you can be assured that calibrations handled by Masy Metrology will complete calibrations cost competitively and efficiently to meet tight timelines while satisfying the most rigorous quality requirements.

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