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Customer Product Safety in the Warehouse

Masy BioServices takes pride in having multiple redundancies and utilizing stringent safety precautions to ensure our customer's material is safe and secure while it is in our care. Several of these precautions have been implemented at all Masy building sites. For example, backup generators are in place to ensure power outages do not affect the storage or operational activities; routine pest control services are conducted that include on-site preventative devices to avoid pest contamination; and top-notch security systems have been installed for maximum insight. 

Masy warehouses have air curtains and dock levelers at each dock door location to ensure the transition of customer material into Masy is efficient and smooth. Our warehouses are also equipped with state-of-the-art Drexel Swing-Mast Forklifts. They feature a Guide-By Wire system, fork-level camera monitoring and visual/audible backup alarms.

Transition from Truck to Warehouse

Dock levelers at all dock door locations ensure the ability to accommodate various vehicles. In addition, having air curtains above the dock leveler synchronized with the chamber temperature ensures that outside temperature does not affect the receiving area condition and serves as a redundant measure to prevent pest contamination.

Drexel Swing-Mast Forklifts

Aisle width within our warehouses is 66” inches. Drexel forklifts allow for operation within the aisles’ parameters with ease, leaving minimal possibility for error. Each warehouse has a Guide-By Wire system embedded into the floor, which locks the forklift onto the wiring system through an electromagnetic field, keeping the forklift centered during aisle operational activities and preventing collisions into the racking system. There are also visual and audible backup alarms to prevent collisions with other personnel. The visual alarm is a blue spotlight attached to the rear of the forklift that illuminates a blue spot on the floor 15 feet behind the forklift, visibly identifying the danger area to surrounding personnel when the forklift is in reverse mode. There is also an audible backup alarm that alerts anyone in the vicinity that the vehicle is traveling in reverse. alarm is a backup alarm to make known when the operator is backing up and adapts to the noise surrounding the operator.

A forklift camera between the forks allows the operator to have clear and accurate visibility of pallet movement and placement heights above eye level when the mast is lifted to access racking areas. This camera feature aids the operator in avoiding instances of potential damage to customer products as well as prevents the possible occurrence of on-the-job injuries.

In conclusion, Masy warehouses have been designed and built to ensure our ability to uphold our company mission to provide our customers with the highest quality of products and services in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries worldwide.