Biopharma Storage

Biostorage Excellence with FootPrint

At the heart of Masy BioServices is our commitment to a customer-centric culture. That means continuous improvement and embracing new ways to serve customers that create a seamless experience with added confidence in Masy as a trusted business partner. One example is our strategic decision to implement Datex Footprint® WMS software, a GAMP5 validated system specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and life science industries.

In spring 2021, we launched Datex FootPrint, giving biorepository customers unlimited immediate access to their inventory and a better overall experience to track materials. It also adheres to government regulations, quality control inspections, and inventory handling processes that require warehouse management (WMS) systems to be highly configurable, easily adaptable, and secure.

Datex Footprint relies on real-time scanning technology for inventory control and product traceability, a necessity for the life science industry. In addition, the system utilizes barcode readers and the placement of barcode labels on the external packaging, which automates the shipping and receiving processes while reducing the potential for human error. As a result, Masy provides the highest track and trace level and meets safety and compliance concerns through robust functionality.

Customers enjoy these key features and functionality:

  • Ability to track and trace by LOT, serial number, SKU, or license plate
  • GAMP5 validated
  • Automatic notification and alerts
  • Integrated Web Portal with a live view of Inventory
  • Compliant to FDA CFR 21 Part 11, DSCSA, cGMP and more
  • Maintains electronic files associated with item, lot and serial number for product authenticity
  • Controlled processes for flagging inventory found to be damaged, expired or recalled
  • Raw material receipts
  • Customized inventory reporting
  • Robust system security with customized user access controls
  • Document and file management
  • Serialization with aggregation
  • Electronic signatures
  • User control on holds and quarantine status

Masy customers utilize a secure, user-friendly portal that incorporates easy-to-use navigation and a clean, crisp layout, so options are simple to understand and use. The feature-rich web portal, which relies on real-time data, gives customers visibility at their fingertips at any day or night. Users can also customize views to limit access rights for even more control. In addition, users can generate reports and download the data for further manipulation. Customers also enjoy an ongoing "once and done" advantage. Once customers input the material information and upload related documentation, it is stored for future use. In addition, simple point and click features allow the items to be easily selected for inbound and outbound activities. Our customers value these significant time savers across various departments in their organization every day.

What's more, collaboration is easier than ever. Need to check if a shipment was processed? Wonder if your vacationing colleague finished the order? Approved users can quickly check the portal for up-to-date status and activity.

At Masy, we understand how important your products are to you and your customers. We are committed to keeping your products safe, secure, and compliant while in our care. Masy made a significant investment in the Datex FootPrint system and a massive effort to transition from the existing system. Money and time well spent to give our customers the best possible service. This system's efficiencies, accuracy, and visibility to both our internal teams and customers have exceeded all expectations.

Masy BioServices brings nearly 40 years of expertise and more than a decade of biostorage experience to every relationship. Whether you are a small lab or a large CDMO, we can help with ever-increasing resources, services, and space costs. We understand the importance of peace of mind and have built state-of-the-art facilities with this in mind. You can trust that we will protect your products as if they were our own. Download our new brochure for the full story on our cGMP biostorage solutions.