Mar 13, 2019 11:14:31 AM

by George Bero

How to Protect Temperature Sensitive Products With Wireless Monitoring

Many life science companies store valuable research materials which must be housed in facilities with tightly controlled temperature and humidity conditions. To ensure product efficacy, companies rely on environmental monitoring systems to notify users when temperature and humidity conditions stray from the required ranges. Typical systems will notify users when an out of tolerance occurs. Ideal systems will notify prior to a critical event, providing users vital time to respond before product is damaged.

Masy BioServices has worked with life science companies for more than 35 years. Masy has vetted a number of monitoring systems for use in its own facilities and has chosen two solutions to offer customers: Hanwell Environmental Monitoring and SenseAnywhere cloud-based monitoring systems. Masy offers these solutions with full customer support during and after the sale.

The Hanwell cGMP monitoring system utilizes a workstation or a local network and is a robust, highly accurate system which is fully validatable. Hanwell is suited to record and alert for temperature and relative humidity in laboratories, environmental chambers, and other environmentally controlled areas. Hanwell’s software is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and features fully customized reports, making it a desirable solution for biopharma applications. Hanwell provides accurate, reliable, real-time feedback on the conditions of each monitored space. Individual sensors can transmit live data via radio signal for 1.5 miles (line-of-sight) to a receiver. The system automatically notifies personnel — audibly, visibly, and by text, phone, and e-mail — if it detects conditions that need addressing, such as high temperatures, loss of humidity, or change in pressure.

The SenseAnywhere (SA) platform is cloud-based and leverages small, durable, and cost- effective wireless sensors to collect temperature, humidity, or CO2 data. SA was designed for customers who need to monitor chambers, buildings, warehouses, or shipping networks without being connected to a local network. SA is also an excellent tool for predictive monitoring. Data readings are transmitted via a secure wireless connection to the cloud, where users can set alarm levels, observe trends, and track the physical location of critical shipments, while in transit, via GPS. SA’s wireless sensors have a battery life of up to 10 years and can store up to 18,000 events. This ensures all data is collected regardless of network or environmental conditions. When a SenseAnywhere unit regains wireless connectivity, it securely transmits collected data to the user’s cloud account.

Selecting an environmental monitoring system can be daunting. Working with an experienced, knowledgeable vendor who offers comprehensive support is crucial to the success of your monitoring activities, and, ultimately, product safety. Visit for more information.