Jul 18, 2016 1:55:00 PM

by Jim Fantuzzo

Why You Should Use an Off-Site Biorepository to Fix Inventory Overload

You may have on-site controlled biorepository for samples, in-process materials, or finished products – but are you making the best use of your limited space?  Available refrigeration and freezer space is a precious resource.  Samples and products from previous work can take up space you may soon need for future projects.  

Consider how you may benefit from off-site biostorage at a secure biorepository facility:

What are the real costs and opportunity costs of onsite storage?

Laboratory space, especially in urban locations, is expensive. You need to maximize your real estate investment by making every square foot cost-effective. Long-term storage of samples, mirror supplies, or past products, while important, may be taking space better used for current projects that truly require immediate access to temperature-sensitive materials. Backup or legacy materials may be better suited for economical off-site storage, freeing your limited working space for what you need to have access to immediately.

Are you spending valuable time on inventory management… or not?

On-site storage, especially in limited-space facilities, can become crowded – even over-crowded – over time, if there’s no other option for storage. Either your biostorage space is managed, which requires one or more staff members taking time away from other important tasks; or conversely your storage space isn’t managed well, which can lead to misplacement or ruin of important samples or retains. Neither situation is optimal for the efficient operation of a laboratory or production facility. Your materials are too valuable to risk being lost or damaged due to haphazard management or poorly-maintained chambers.

Off-site biorepository storage: employees auditing inventory for customers


Can you expand your GMP storage as necessary, with flexible conditions?

To add additional storage space, including chambers with different conditions, in your current facility requires the capital expense of purchasing a new chamber; devoting precious square footage for new chambers (and aren’t you trying to free up space?); and arranging for ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Even if you take care of your current storage needs, your options for future expansion may be severely limited with solely on-site options.

To solve these challenges, have you considered off-site biorepository storage for excess inventory or samples better suited for long-term storage?

By outsourcing your storage needs you can regain valuable on-site capacity to expand your research, development, and production. Off-site biorepository storage can allow you to add additional storage space, including space at different condition setpoints, quickly, easily, and cost-effectively without the cost and effort of purchasing and installing new chambers and worrying about overhead, inventory control, monitoring, and maintenance. And with monitored off-site storage, you can securely store your samples and products remotely, but still access them quickly with little notice. 

Our continuously-monitored biorepository storage facility securely stores clinical study samples, vaccines, drug compounds, production stock, and other medical products under precisely-controlled temperature and humidity requirements, from controlled room storage through cryogenic freezing, ensuring the integrity of these valuable materials. With over 65,000 cubic feet of storage at various conditions, we have the flexibility for your current and future storage needs. Consider the efficiency, security, and peace-of-mind that comes with secure offsite storage, and contact us today to learn how Masy can help you manage your inventory overload.


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