Sep 1, 2016 2:51:00 PM

by John Orange

Are You Placing Your Wireless Dataloggers Correctly?

Depending on your specific process, successful datalogging can require varying degrees of accuracy. For some processes, the user is simply concerned that the products were exposed to the process and the particulars (though noteworthy) are simply an afterthought. However, this is not the case for most of those monitoring temperature in critical pharmaceutical or other cGMP processes. A slight variation in time and/or temperature can mean the difference between a successfully processed batch of product and a very expensive donation to the landfill.

When monitoring temperature in critical processes, the effect that the temperature has on the product being processed is of paramount importance. Prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures can have a detrimental effect on everything from vaccines to canned soup. These items must be processed to make them safe for commercial consumption; however, too much exposure to elevated temperatures may do more harm than good. In order to minimize the chances of damaging product (along with ensuring product safety) it is of primary importance to get accurate readings from within the product during the process. Not only must the data acquisition tools be accurate, but their placement and implementation must also be well thought out.

It is very important to receive readings that represent what the product is exposed to — not what the chamber is reading. Much like you wouldn’t monitor a cooking turkey with a thermometer situated next to the bird, temperature readings from within the product itself are the only indicator as to what is actually happening to the product within the process. If the sensor is not within the product, one is simply taking a reading of the inside of the chamber / process.

DataTrace wireless dataloggers have a series of accessories that aid in placing the wireless datalogger temperature probe within the product being tested. These datalogger accessories ensure that the user places the datalogger in the center of the product, which gives the user specific information about what is happening to that product throughout the cycle. This gives the user the tools needed to design the most effective and efficient process while allowing the product to maintain its viability.


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