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Joe Schmidt thrives in different environments. From working in various industries and roles to hiking in different areas of the country to reading all types of books, Joe Schmidt has lead an interesting and diverse life. 

Through his life he has worked in various industries ranging from clothing retail stores, jewelry stores, and even fish companies. Because of that background he has seen lots of different people reminding him that no two companies and two jobs are the same. He loves learning new things and visiting new places, including different industries and companies. Knowledge is the goal, wanting to soak up every ounce of it he can. He believes that makes a good sales person – always wanting to learn and dive into a client’s real needs.

In his early career, Joe worked as a consultant and programmer, helping business analysis and supporting sales and marketing. One of the most interesting jobs he has had was looking at sales trends for Converse sneakers, measuring data analytics before data analytics existed. He was able to see something we use every day come to fruition and learn as it was being developed. Because of Joe’s background in so many different industries and his love for travel, he has visited every state except for Alaska and North Dakota. 

Outside of the office, Joe loves to be active. Having visited all but 2 states, that isn’t surprising. Kayaking, day hiking, boating – you name it, Joe loves the great outdoors.  Through all of his travels across the country for work and for pleasure, Joe has one place he believes everyone should visit in their lifetime: Yellowstone National Park. With so much to see – animals, trees, geysers – and so much to hike there is something there for everyone. 

Joe is an integral part of the Masy BioServices sales team, working to educate and make people aware of how wireless monitoring can protect valuable research and products. For your warehouse, laboratory and manufacturing monitoring needs, contact Joe and see how Masy can help you keep track of temperature and humidity in your spaces. 

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